Anatomy of foreign student orientation

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What is like coming to Nicaragua as an international student?

The start of a new semester always brings our favorite time; the arrival of our new group of exchange students. This semester we have a lovely group of 7 adventurous girls ready to take everything Nicaragua has to offer! As per usual, we start our semester with orientation and adventures in Managua, hoping to make the transition from our students as smooth as possible.

Our Fall 2016 ISEP girls! United States, Philippines, Netherlands, and Germany represent!

Day 1:

Day one of orientation was an all-information session at UAM. This included not only what they should know and expect about their classes, but also about Nicaragua in general. Homestays, cultural quirks, cultural adjustment, safety, and places to visit are a few topics we always discuss.

Discussing all those Nica fun facts everyone needs to know!


First day at UAM!


Day 2:

Day two was all about history; a country as rich in history as Nicaragua definitely needs a history introduction to understand current affairs and culture. We invited Marcel Jaenstchke, Nicaraguan writer, to give an introduction into Nicaraguan history which included the colonization, revolution and current events. Afterwards, we headed to old Managua; from the years of Somoza to the destruction of the city in 1972, Managua holds a crazy amount of our history and it’s a must to visit it.

The girls by the “Sombra de Sandino” in Tiscapa. Tiscapa was witnessed many historical events and offers the perfect lookout between Old and New Managua


Paseo Xolotlan is a must see in Managua

Day 3:

Orientation at UAM College welcomes back its students with a half day of activities, followed by a traditional lunch of Caballo Bayo. This day is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow students and the faculty that will accompany our students for the next 4 months.


Students bonding and working together at the UAM-College orientation


All smiles at orientation!

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