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The Ohio University Global Consultancy Program (GCP) is a successful project with a multidisciplinary approach, as well as cross-cultural and foreign language skills, where students learn useful and transferable skills, and clients receive actionable and valuable plans. It occurs annually in 12 different countries worldwide. In Nicaragua, this program occurs during academic breaks between semesters.

When I first heard about the Global Consultancy Program, I thought to myself, “OH NO, NOT MY VACATIONS! I will be missing part of my holidays– no way, I’m not participating. And so, I didn’t. A year passed by and GCP was coming around the corner one more time. This time I was in another state in life, seeking work experience and a boost for my curriculum. This time I was completely excited to participate and the schedule did not interfere directly with the holidays…

My participation at first was for selfish reasons such as growing as a person, gaining experience and knowledge, a boost to my CV etc. until an actual connection with the programs began. The more I knew about it the more I wanted to be a part of it. The program represents an excellent opportunity to get to know how local businesses can find their way to success. It is also excellent to get some fresh thinking about issues– as students we put our skills into practice and clients receive suggestions according to their needs. We must be committed, focused and eager to learn as well as to deliver a solid consultancy.

After a couple of meetings with the office of International Programs, I understood the program better and realized that by participating I wasn’t only going to help myself but many others, such as my Ohio and UAM teammates and also the company I was going to be assigned to work with. Projects vary depending on the client and their needs. However, we all provided options for the organization and suggested recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions.

In Nicaragua we have a lot of talented people, unfortunately many of these people don’t have the right guidelines to grow and become successful. Through the Global Consultancy Program students get the chance to change the outcomes for these people. GCP is all about group work, with each group consisting of 2 UAM students and 2 Ohio Students, and each group is assigned to a different company.

Being a Strategic Marketing with a Concentration on Branding student I was assigned to work for a client who needed help with a rebranding, a marketing plan and financial guidelines. Fortunately I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing group. My Ohio teammates, Jeff Siegert and Dominico Donofrio, were really prepared and up for the challenge, as well as my UAM teammate Deyanira Muñoz. Working with them was awesome as I had the opportunity to get to know them and learn something from each of them. Now I have new tools and skills that will help me a lot along my entire career.

Photoshoot for our client, with the objective of  improving her online profile!
Photoshoot for our client, with the objective of improving her online profile!

Our team was very fortunate to have Doña Susana Castro as our client– an amazing, admirable, entrepreneurial woman who is also very talented. Doña Susan is very family oriented and was extremely nice with us. From day one, she trusted her company to us and allowed us to do everything we believed was necessary; even to the point of changing her company name from TerraNica Artesanos to Rustik Arte. With the change of the name, many additional changes came along. Her reaction to our work was unique and she loved everything we worked on for her. The key for such reaction, I believe, was our commitment to her and our communication with her. Such commitments made us feel like a part of the company and I am sure that my team mates and I will be very proud to see Rustik Arte grow. This project was our baby for 2 weeks and I am absolutely sure we delivered and completed our tasks properly.

Although my experience with the client and teammates was great, this GCP experience goes beyond that. Personally, I had the opportunity to bond with other Ohio and UAM students and I must say they were all amazing people and very fun to be with. If I had the chance to participate again, I wouldn’t even hesitate!

Group Picture
My talented colleagues or as we liked to call each other The Dream Team! at the final dinner with our client to conclude with GCP.

Jenyffer Berrios A.

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