International Student

Choose classes in English in any of the 5 different majors at the College of University Studies in English:


Study in Spanish in any of the 15 different majors at UAM.:

Facultad de Medicina / School of MedicineUAM - NEU - UAM - alone

  • Medicina / Medicine

Facultad de Odontología / School of Dentistry

  • Odontología / Dentistry

Facultad Ciencias Administrativas y Económicas / School of Administrative and Economic Sciences

  • Administración de Empresas / Business Administration
  • Mercadeo y Publicidad / Marketing and Publicity
  • Contabilidad y Finanzas / Accounting and Finance
  • Economía Empresarial / Business Economics
  • Negocios Internacionales / International Business

Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales / School of Law and Social Sciences

  • Derecho / Law

Facultad de Diplomacia y Relaciones Internacionales / School of Diplomacy and International Relations

  • Diplomacia y Relaciones Internacionales / Diplomacy and International Relations

Facultad de Ingeniería / School of Engineering

  • Ingeniería en Sistemas de Información / Systems Information Engineering
  • Gerencia Informática / Computer Management Engineering
  • Ingeniería Industrial / Industrial Engineering

Facultad de Arquitectura / School of Architecture

  • Arquitectura / Architecture

Facultad de Diseño y Comunicación / School of Design and Communication

  • Diseño y Comunicación Visual / Design and Communication
  • Comunicación y Relaciones Publicas / Communication and Public Relations


The next steps are to organize your stay in Nicaragua and to see how to cover your costs most efficiently. We want to support you with those issues:

Please continue with Financial Solutions to collect information about supporting solutions.

Please continue with Life in Managua for organizing your stay with our “Day-to-Day life” information.

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