Ohio University and UAM Students Protect and Promote Animal Rights

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Fundación Adán - group picture
From left to right: Marcela Chamorro, Nicholas Dillon, Sebastian Ganz, Aldair Peralta, Claudia Broder, and Ishan Patel

For the third consecutive year, Ohio University (OU) and Universidad Americana (UAM) partnered to implement the Global Consultancy Program (GCP) in Managua for two weeks in December and January. The GCP has operated worldwide in 12 countries for more than 15 years. This year 21 OU students and 20 UAM worked as consultants to eight Nicaraguan companies and one organization.

The organization that participated this year was Fundación Adán (from “Adoption Animal Nicaragua”), a nongovernmental organization. Fundación Adán was founded in 2009 with the purpose of protecting and promoting animal rights, focusing on rehabilitating and finding homes for stray dogs and cats abandoned in the streets of Managua. By demanding compliance with Law 747, the animal rights and protection law, Fundación Adán aims to create awareness about violence towards animals, including abandonment. Additionally, the foundation rehabilitates abused and abandoned cats and dogs before placing them in adoption.
For two weeks, three OU students and two UAM students worked together with Fundación Adán to provide strategies and solutions to attract more donations, volunteers, and to advance their campaign of raising awareness about the mistreatment of animals. During their investigation, the students visited the foundation’ largest foster home, which houses 23 dogs; some of them ready to be adopted, while other still in the process of being rehabilitated after having been rescued from an abusive past.
If you would like to know about Fundación Adan, please visit their Facebook page: Fundación Adan.

Meeting the dogs
OU student Ishan Patel at Fundación Adán’s largest foster home in Managua.
Collie, like many other dogs, is ready for adoption!









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