September in Nicaragua

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September brings one of our favorite festivities, and that is the celebration of the días patrios (patriotic days)! On the 14th and 15th of September, Nicaragua celebrates the battle of San Jacinto and its independence from Spain. September has always carried a sense of pride in not only Nicaragua, but countries like Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, and Chile where independence days are also celebrated. Without doubt, September is THE month to enjoy all the incredible little things that make Nicaragua the place it is; from the tasty food to the thrilling sites it has to offer.

It comes as no surprise that September often brings exciting adventures for our exchange students. This year, our exchange squad flew to the Caribbean and enjoyed the long weekend the best way – chilling by one of the most beautiful and serene places in Nicaragua.

Check out their adventures on Little Corn Island!

Many thank to Ella Napata! She is the master mind behind these videos that have managed to give us a peek of some of the colorful and never ending adventures of our students.

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