The Team

Mary Helen Espinosa – International Programs Director

“I love the challenge of pushing the importance of “internationalization” here on campus. Students are entering an ever-changing world that has fewer borders and is more globally competitive. Acquiring English language skills, global competencies, and studying abroad are 3 ways that UAM helps its students become better world citizens and more prepared to enter the global workforce.  It is professionally and personally gratifying to see the transformation of students from their incoming freshman days until they graduate with their degrees.”



Adela Dávalos – International Programs Officer

“Hello, I’m the Officer at the International Programs Office! My job is primarily with the logistics of incoming and outgoing students. I recently graduated from UAM with a degree in International Development and a concentration in Natural Resource Management and hope to pursue a master´s degree in cultural studies. For my third year of university, I decided to go to Canada via ISEP; it was the most rewarding experience I will never forget. This is why I love my job! Studying abroad opens the door to adventures out of your comfort zone, pushing you to experience things you never thought you would and forging friendships you will always cherish – this is something every student should experience and I’m very glad I’m a part of it.”


Mónica Ferrey – International Programs Intern

“There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than international education. When people study abroad, they return as different persons… more independent, mature, open-minded, sensitive, and aware. This is something no one can put a price on.

The determination of leaving your comfort zone to understand others’ cultures, to acquire a global perspective, to develop your social network, and to push your personal limits deserves the support of everyone. This kind of support is the one we give students in the International Programs Office at UAM (Universidad Americana).”


Neven Pilipović – International Programs Intern

“At the moment I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts program “Informatics in Public Administration” at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) with a personal focus on internationalization. I spent my 3rd semester in Sweden focusing on International Law and International Human Rights. Right now I am completing my internship in Nicaragua during the 5th semester. Only domestic issues are not enough for me! Global exchange and the processes of constructive internationalization helped me a lot to find quickly useful partners for innovative projects and supported me to grow my personality, my skills and my personal vision. I’m convinced about our global society’s chance in diplomacy and intercultural cooperation, therefore I want to support it with all my skills.”


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